Formerly known as Youth Evaluation and Treatment Centers (YETC)

Open Hearts Business Strategy Map

Welcome to the Open Hearts Balanced Scorecard

Open Hearts exists because of the mission and values that guide our collective work of mental healthcare to at risk communities across Maricopa. Our business model is driven by strategic that advances the short and longer tem initiatives. We use the “Balanced Scorecard” approach to make progress and achieve results on behalf of the people we serve. Open Hearts is focused on four key perspectives:

▪ Organizational Capacity
▪ Business Process
▪ Financial Stewardship and
▪ Client Service

The visual that represents this strategy includes three strategic themes: Community Impact, Dynamic Services and Valued Partnerships. This further refines a laser focus on measurable outcomes in the areas of Team Member Experience, Population Health, Advancement and Client Engagement.

This is a dynamic process that requires involvement and input of staff, relevant factors in the healthcare landscape, fiscal sustainability and ever evolving services and operations that serve the ever increasing needs of our community.

For the past five years, Open Hearts is proud to have attained success in the use of the Balanced Score Card to advance Open Hearts impact on the community. We have many accomplishments, including the implementation of technology platforms, advanced data driven business operations, consistently high net promotor scores from the clients we serve and investment in the people who work at Open Hearts as well as growth in advancement to support critical unmet needs of our clients.

We’re driven to deliver the highest standard of care, achieve a great experience for our clients, our workforce and provide lasting impact through whole health mental healthcare for generations to come.

We invite you to learn more and click HERE to download our white paper on Business Innovation.