Formerly known as Youth Evaluation and Treatment Centers (YETC)

Hearts of HOPE

What is Hearts of HOPE Caregiver Discovery Workshops?

Open Hearts Family Wellness has developed a unique science based approach to teach parents key skills to help their children with disruptive behaviors that jeopardize successful in school, at home and with their overall health and wellbeing. The workshops equip parents to understand troubling behaviors, how to decrease the behaviors and how to gain self-awareness to remain in control and preserve the wellbeing of the family.

Hearts of HOPE Family Innovation Workshops are

  • A science based approach for parents & caregivers of at-risk youth to build upon family strengths, gain insights, learn new skills and help parents create a home environment to help the children in their care reach their full potential.
  • A Unique and interactive learning format is relevant and applicable immediately. Parents gain the education and confidence to know how to recognize behaviors, what to do and how to do it so parents can do the best job raising their children.
  • Exclusively provided by Open Hearts Family Wellness: Pilot programs have proved to be effective, evidenced by parent feedback of greater confidence, reduced fear and hope for the future of the child and family linked directly to the innovative mix of science and psychology.

The Hearts of HOPE Family Innovation Workshops format was developed in response to the growing need for effective methods for parents and caregivers to care for their high need children. The risks for children can escalate over time to violence, hospitalization and involvement with the court system.  Open Hearts has taken the best of science and psychology based principles to help families who struggle with challenging behaviors.

Improved behavioral health outcomes and family benefits

Conflict in the home, substance abuse and personal neglect can happen when caregivers are over extended and don’t know where to turn with so many responsibilities.  Hearts of HOPE is the beginning of something better for children and their families. Better health and better opportunity to thrive.