Formerly known as Youth Evaluation and Treatment Centers (YETC)

We honor your tax-deductible contributions as stewards of these gifts for those we serve.


The “Holiday Hearts & Angels” adopt a family and fulfill their wish list…

The holiday season can be a particularly difficult time for people experiencing personal and financial hardship. The Holidays Hearts & Angels Project allows a sponsor (an individual, family, or organization) the opportunity experience the joy of giving, as you share your heart and resources by offering support to a child or family in-need for the holidays.

“Fulfill a Wish List” Help a family or organize a drive in your community

People experiencing challenging circumstances feel lonely, confused and abandoned. They carry the weight of fear when times get tough and they just can’t make ends meet. “Fulfill a Wish List” is a way for the community to help Open Hearts participants receive the vital support they need most, specific to their needs. The lists range from practical needs, such as food baskets and school supplies. A little help goes a long way. You can be the one to make a world of difference..

Support the success of our Open Hearts community members by fulfilling un-met needs, such as:
Grocery Cards | Bus Passes | Gas Cards | Extracurricular Activity Sponsorship

Are you ready to volunteer?

Volunteering strengthens communities and is even good for your health

Hearts and Hands

Adults of all ages are welcome to participate in support of our mission and community events. Our volunteers are essential to compliment excellence in our services and ideal for those who seek a rewarding experience. We are accepting applications from university interns from a variety of disciplines. It all starts with a conversation to learn about your skills and passion.