Formerly known as Youth Evaluation and Treatment Centers (YETC)

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Open Hearts mental health services are available on line through Tele-Mentalhealthcare. This means our entire team is able to meet with you in the comfort of your home. Whether it’s the psychiatrist, the nurse practitioner, the therapist, coach or family support partner: everyone is here for you.

Online services provide immediate support and maintain the connection to work on the things that matter most to you. Online Tele-mentalhealthcare is convenient, accessisble and provided by experienced, caring professionals who have your best interest at heart.

Open Hearts Family Wellness is a provider of holistic mental healthcare. Our holistic team philosophy is innovative, forward thinking and focused on helping people make sustainable changes in behaviors to increase happiness, effectiveness at work, home, school and social situations.

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Our philosophy of helping is founded on sound clinical practice, driven by a team-based approach.

Open Hearts Family Wellness provides integrated mental health and wellness services. Our model is built on the premise that healing involves the body and mind as one, in the context of our families, communities and the environment. Our philosophy of helping is founded on sound clinical practice, driven by a team-based approach.

Open Hearts is very proud to hold the prestigious award for accreditation of high standards of care by the Council on Accreditation (COA).

This signifies excellence in practice, operations and programs for the care delivered to the individuals and families we serve.

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Each year, we help thousands of people improve their lives. By working together as a team, we get to the root of the problem. We get to know the needs and values to build an effective treatment plan.

Our History

In 1974, we developed high-quality behavioral healthcare services built on respect and lasting results. We are proud of our history as Youth Evaluation & Treatment Center and continue to expand in integrated health care as Open Hearts Family Wellness.

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